Steering groups of ISCB

One of the responsibilities of ISCB is to develop community awareness of safeguarding and engage the community in safeguarding children and young people. This involves raising public awareness of risks to children and young people and the measures that can be taken to protect them. To widen participation and community involvement in safeguarding ISCB decided to develop Safeguarding Steering Groups.


Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) safeguarding steering group

(Not a sub-group of the Board, but the ISCB receives and annual report from the chair of this steering group) 

  1. This is a multi-agency and multi-professional group through which the Council and its partners exercise their responsibilities in respect of allegations management.

  2. It has statutory duty to adhere and promote working practices outlined in the London Child Protection Procedures and Working Together and other applicable regulations and guidance.

  3. To maintain an overview and accurate picture of how well Islington deals with the management of allegations against professionals

  4. To plan, lead, co-ordinate and implement actions which will improve the safety of Islington’s children 

The scope of the group includes:

  • Sharing good practice
  • Raising awareness
  • Identify blockages and concerns within the handling of allegations management and sharing solutions
  • Identify training needs
  • Exploring developments
  • Highlighting lessons learned from Serious Case Reviews/Case Reviews

 Harmful Practices steering group

The aim of this steering group is to:

  • Work towards an integrated strategy to identify and address harmful traditional practices which includes, but is not limited to, female genital mutilation, forced marriage and  honour based violence
  • Raise awareness and encourage the reporting of concerns about harmful traditional practices

  • Promote interagency and community participation in tackling harmful traditional practices

  • Support / provide training to professionals, families and community groups to understand the profile of children, young people and adults at risk of harmful traditional practices, and of their needs

  • Combine expertise to act as a point of reference in matters associated with harmful traditional practices

  • Establish links with local and national services and agencies to facilitate the protection of children and young people who may be at risk of harmful traditional practices

  • Work closely with the violence against women sector, specifically domestic violence and sexual violence projects and services

  • Undertake any other activities, as deemed necessary to work towards the aim of preventing and addressing harmful traditional practices  in Islington  

  • Support young people in identifying children and young people at risk of forced marriage / honour based violence and in identifying themselves as being at risk of forced marriage / honour based violence