Sub-groups of the ISCB

The ISCB has five sub-groups. 

Quality Assurance Subgroup

Responsibilities of this are:

  • To develop agreed standards for inter-agency safeguarding work

  • To establish and maintain appropriate mechanisms and processes for measuring the quality of inter-agency safeguarding work

  • To contribute to the development of strategies to address any shortfalls in effectiveness

  • To monitor and evaluate the quality of safeguarding work within individual Board partner agencies

  • To contribute to the development of strategies for single agencies to address any shortfalls in effectiveness

  • To audit and review the progress of the implementation of recommendations of Serious Case Reviews conducted by ISCB

Training and Professional Development Subgroup

Responsibilities of this are:

  • To identify the inter-agency training and development needs of staff and volunteers. This will include needs arising from changes in legislation, formal guidance, evidence from research and best practice

  • To develop and plan an annual training and development plan based on the needs analysis and ISCB and Children and Young People’s Plan (CYPP) priorities.

  • To ensure that the content of the training offered is based on latest research and clinical evidence about “what works” when working with children and families, including early prevention, those in need and those in need of protection

  • To ensure training methods used are appropriate to the training outcomes to be achieved, and are based on evidence of what works in respect of skill / knowledge development, raising awareness, self-efficacy, professional confidence and single and multi-agency training   

  • To monitor and evaluate quality of training

  • To ensure relevant training is provided by individual organisations

  • To ensure that training is reaching the relevant staff and volunteers within organisations

  • To ensure lessons from Serious Case Reviews are disseminated

  • To monitor attendance and absence/participation

  • To enable partner agencies to monitor the impact of the training programmes on  front-line practice and in terms of outcomes for children

  • To ensure the delivery of the training programmes is within the context of diversity and equal opportunities

  • To contribute reports to ISCB and the Integrated Working Steering Group

Missing/CSE Subgroup

Scope the scale of the problem within Islington.of this are:

  • Scope the scale of the problem within Islington. 

  • Agree a strategy and action plan that reflects the Child Sexual Exploitation Operating Protocol and considers the recommendations from recent CSE audits and Rotherham report. In order to minimise harm to children and young people. 

  • Monitor the implementation of the action plan 

  • Highlight the specific areas of risk 

  • Raise awareness of sexual exploitation within agencies and communities 

  • Encourage the reporting of concerns about sexual exploitation/missing 

  • Scrutinise the multi-agency response to missing and CSE 

  • Scrutinising the compliance of agencies adherence to procedures

 Serious Case Review Subgroup

  • Responsibilities of this are:
  • To plan and undertake reviews of cases where a child has died or has been seriously harmed in circumstances where abuse or neglect is known or suspected

  • To identify lessons from the reviews for inter-agency working and the work of individual agencies

  • To produce and monitor action plans arising from Serious Case Reviews and evaluate the effectiveness of their implementation.

 Education Subgroup

  • Contribute to reviewing the effectiveness of ISCB policies, procedures and systems in educational settings
  • Act as a professional consultation group to inform the development and monitoring of ISCB responsibilities, practices and procedures
  • Promote a shared understanding of responsibilities and challenges faced by key agencies when managing safeguarding and welfare to further strengthen multi-agency work and collaboration
  • Identify and promote the dissemination of best practice in safeguarding, and the expectations of the ISCB, across Islington schools and education providers
  • Support the ISCB in efficiently and effectively addressing identified safeguarding issues in educational settings

 Child Death Review Subgroup

  • There has been a statutory requirement for all children safeguarding boards to have a multi-agency panel to review the deaths of all children and young people resident in the borough where they have died before their eighteenth birthday. The purpose of these panels is:

  • To collect and analyse information about each death with a view to identifying any case giving rise to the need for a Serious Case Review 

  • To review and respond to any matters of concern affecting the safety and welfare of children in the area of the authority.

  • To review and respond to any wider public health or safety concerns arising from a particular death, or from a pattern of deaths in that area

  • To put in place procedures for ensuring that there is a co-ordinated response by the authority and its Board partners and other relevant persons to an ‘unexpected child death’

  • To review and revise policies and procedures as appropriate