Youth violence and gang prevention work in Islington

The Bronze Group
The Bronze Group is a multi agency operational meeting which aims to prevent and reduce young people’s involvement in gang activity, group offending and violent crime in Islington. The work of the Bronze Group is underpinned by the overall aim to prevent harm to children and young people. It aims to do this through the sharing of information and the most effective coordination of resources to work with individuals and groups.
For further information on The Bronze Group please contact Catherine Briody at   Tel: 0207 527 6662
Serious Youth Violence and Gangs Team
The Team is based in Targeted Youth Support/Youth Offending Service and provides targeted interventions with young people aged between 10 – 17 years at risk of involvement in gangs, group offending and youth on youth violence. The team provides support, education and positive alternatives to gang involvement. They also work alongside secondary schools where young people have been identified through police intelligence as being at risk of gang involvement.  The Team has two arms: statutory and prevention. This work can include working with young people who are subject to Statutory Orders as part of their requirements, working with other young people at risk of involvement in gangs on a 1-1 basis, and working with young people on a wider basis in schools and youth clubs.  A Nia project Safe Choices Worker is co-located within the team and provides targeted 1:1 interventions and group work with young women at risk of involvement in / or victimisation from gangs.
For more information on Serious Youth Violence and Gangs Team please contact Maria Gilby at   Tel 0207 527 4234
18 – 24 Gangs and Serious Violence Team
The 18 – 24 Gangs and Serious Violence Team is Islington’s new multi-agency team which has been set up to provide a wraparound service to young adults involved in gang related offending and violence. 
The aim of the team is to reduce reoffending and gang violence by supporting young adults to exit gangs and offending lifestyles.  This will be achieved by providing a multi-agency wraparound service including key working and access to mental health, substance misuse and dual diagnosis support, as well as pathways into employment, training and educational opportunities and positive activities.
The team is co-located at the London Probation Trust (St Johns Street) to ensure robust partnership working across children and adult services to engage young people making the transition to adult services, as well as supporting a high number of young people already known to probation. The location of the team will facilitate an integrated approach and the best use of the available resources.
For more information  on the 18 – 24 Gangs and Serious Violence Team please contact Jenny Duggan at   Tel 0207 527 5586.