COVID 19 Update​

The ISCB has been keeping a close eye on COVID-19 developments and Government guidance. Under the circumstances, we think it is prudent to review our training offer on a regular basis.

Please be proactive and review your training expiration dates.

Please ensure that as Managers you are being vigilant when approving course applications. We rely on you to ensure that all training is necessary.

We will prioritise all ISCB training for those who are most in need including those staff (eg Designated Safeguarding Leads) who  will not be able to practice in their role if they do not attend training.

Staff most at risk and who will be prioritised are those whose training is due to expire within 90 days.  

Thank you for your understanding.”


The ISCB offers training in line with Competence Still Matters, 2014, issued by the London Safeguarding Children Board. This guidance lays out the minimum requirements for the provision of safeguarding training across London. It places staff and volunteers into groups (ranging from Group 1 to Group 8) based on the level of contact they have with children and families and their roles and responsibilities for child protection and safeguarding.

The emphasis of the ISCB core group and additional training is to provide you with the knowledge and skills to safeguard and protect children and to develop effective communication between services.

To improve your accessibility and ownership of your training the ISCB has moved to a new online booking system,  IslingtonCS. The system will allow you to look at courses online and register yourself. It will keep a record of the courses you undertake and remind you when your course is due for renewal.


Creating an online training account

You should always set up your own account on  IslingtonCS. This ensures that you are familiar with using the system, have ownership of your own account and ensure the account goes through the correct approval process.

Setting up your account  

Click on the online training link Create an online account  This will only take a few minutes. Once approved by your manager you will be ready to book your own training. 

For more information on Competence Still Matters please see related documents