Membership and Structure

The structure of the ISCB.

  • ISCB consists of a Independent Chairperson, the Board, sub-groups and safeguarding networks responsible for specific issues
  • The structure needs to promote information sharing and exchange, assessment of individual and multi-agency work, updating knowledge and information
  • Accountability is to the Board members, Users and Islington Residents
  • The Board reports to the Children's Trust Board

ISCB members must be able to:

  • speak for their organisation with authority
  • commit their organisation on policy and practice matters
  • hold their organisation to account

ISCB members have a duty to:

  • contribute to the effective work of ISCB
  • recommend or decide on necessary steps to put right any problems that should take precedence, if necessary, over their role as a┬árepresentative of their organisation